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Building materials manufacturer Glidevale Protect has donated high performance construction membrane materials for a project spearheaded by homelessness charity Emmaus Salford to create a new energy efficient sleeping pod.

The project was a collaboration between the University of Salford, AEW Architects and construction firm The Casey Group Ltd, with the brief to create a sleeping pod which would provide a safe and comfortable night’s sleep for people who are street homeless.

Emmaus sleeping pod at Energy House 2.0
Emmaus sleeping pod at Energy House 2.0

Together with Emmaus Salford and supported by accommodation facility developer Protectal Ltd, Casey developed the prototype sleeping pod which had started life as a site portacabin. The design had to be future proofed to deal with the ongoing challenges of climate change so making sure the sleeping pod was energy efficient, well insulated and airtight was crucial. Using the specialised research facility at Energy House 2.0, also at the University of Salford, the team put the sleeping pod through its paces with a series of tests to measure energy efficiency in the state-of-the-art environmental chamber.

Glidevale Protect donated its airtightness membrane Protect BarriAir for installation on the pod’s floor and ceiling areas, along with sealing tape to help ensure the module is airtight and can deliver excellent thermal performance even on the coldest winter nights.

Protect BarriAir installed on Emmaus sleeping pod ceiling
Protect BarriAir installed on Emmaus sleeping pod ceiling

With the prototype now complete, Emmaus Salford plans to use this in a versatile way from temporary accommodation to isolation areas and office space. The charity will also be able to take the pod with them when they are required to move from the current site in the future. Casey has subsequently donated another eight additional sleeping pods which will be refurbished to the same high thermal standards and put into good use to support the homeless around the Greater Manchester region.

John Mellor, senior product manager at Glidevale Protect said:

“Supporting the local community has always been important to us so we were only too pleased to get involved and help with the vital work that Emmaus Salford does. Donating our Protect BarriAir membrane material for use in the sleeping pod’s construction is a practical way we could help and we’re looking forward to seeing the impact the newly refurbished pods have on the local community by providing a place for a safe and comfortable night’s sleep for those who are street homeless.”

Glidevale Protect is currently supporting the new Energy House 2.0 development, which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The project involves a collaborative research partnership with the University of Salford and national housebuilders Bellway Homes and Barratt Developments, designed to understand more about how to create energy efficient homes of the future by assessing a wide range of products and materials. Glidevale Protect is an official research partner as the company’s specialist construction membranes are installed in Bellway’s ‘Future Home’.

For more information on Glidevale Protect, please visit the website, email or call +44 (0)161 905 5700. Keep up to date with our latest news by following us on LinkedIn.

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