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Offsite solutions all wrapped up with Building Product Design and Glidevale Protect

Combining innovation and technical expertise with almost 40 years’ experience as a supply chain partner, Building Product Design Ltd is adept at building healthy solutions for the offsite sector.

The company’s extensive product range from its three subsidiaries – Glidevale Protect, Passivent and Kingfisher Louvres - is designed to meet strict environmental criteria and create buildings which are pleasant places to live or work in. The range encompasses products for thermal efficiency, airtightness, ventilation and condensation control, making them ideal for offsite projects in the residential, education, commercial and public sectors – and all of which is covered in Building Product Design’s new offsite solutions brochure.

Building Product Design – and in particular Glidevale Protect – offers a tailored consultancy service for offsite manufacturers and work closely with modular partners including manufacturers of structural timber, CLT, SIPS, light gauge steel and hybrid frame systems to ensure its products are suited to offsite construction. Optimising materials delivery direct into factories and supplying a unique combination of high performance construction membranes as part of a closed panel system, is just one way that the company is able to support the offsite manufacturing process, working with offsite manufacturers to enhance the pre-manufactured value (PMV) of the overall construction.

It also offers timed deliveries to fit into often rigid offsite construction programmes, as well as undertaking site visits, and providing airflow calculations, thermal modelling, U-value calculations and condensation risk analysis as part of its early design support.

Building Product Design’s products are manufactured in its two UK factories and have all been developed specifically for UK and Irish requirements under the ISO 9001 quality standard. The manufacturer is also accredited to the international health and safety standard ISO 45001 and environmental standard ISO 14001. A number of products are accredited to BM TRADA for extra peace of mind.

To download a copy of the new Building Product Design offsite solutions brochure, visit or email to request a printed copy.

For more information on Glidevale Protect, please visit

or call +44 (0)161 905 5700. Keep up to date with our latest news by following us on LinkedIn.

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