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Newly developed products for the acoustic comfort of timber buildings

The sound insulation of a timber house must be designed on paper and integrated during the construction of the building.

"SOUNDPROOFING SOLUTIONS" is the new Rothoblaas catalogue, 150 pages of in-depth information on sound propagation and products adapted to different types of building materials (timber, steel, masonry), loads and heights.

The catalogue includes new additions to the ETA-certified range.

Timber is an excellent sound conductor

All musicians know this, especially those playing wooden instruments. Often, however, builders commissioning a timber house neglect sound insulation because they consider it unnecessary and perhaps expensive. Becoming aware of the issue of acoustics always comes too late. When the client realises that noise from the street, from upstairs neighbours and the stairwell is a constant accompaniment, the damage is done.

Just because acoustic comfort is one of the most neglected details, but in the end also one of the most relevant, Rothoblaas decided to put a new thematic catalogue on the market. "SOUNDPROOFING SOLUTIONS" is a 150-page in-depth look at sound propagation, types of noise and the right products to drastically reduce it. The solutions presented are different depending on the type of construction material (timber, steel, masonry), load and height.

Soundproofing: a multidisciplinary and certified approach

Sound insulation in timber constructions is complex. This is the reason why Rothoblaas has invested significantly in research and development. The products in the new "SOUNDPROOFING SOLUTIONS" catalogue have undergone hundreds of tests and studies in cooperation with prestigious institutions (ETH Zurich, Institute of Structural Engineering & Swiss Timber Solutions AG, Universities of Bologna, Graz and Innsbruck). The result? A selection of products that provide different acoustic performance depending on the context and have also been tested for fire and moisture resistance.

Laboratory measurements, static tests, durability tests, moisture checks and fire behaviour studies provide designers with consistent data that corresponds to actual site conditions. The material is available in the catalogue, technical manuals and MyProject design software. The programme automatically calculates natural frequency, sound transmission and damping.

XYLOFON 20: the new addition to the ETA-certified range

XYLOFON 20 is the top-of-the-range innovation in the XYLOFON family from Rothoblaas. The resilient profile is suitable for acoustic insulation of lightweight, low-load structures or for use in the highest floors of multi-storey buildings.

The profile decouples flanking transmission paths and reduces impact and structure-borne sound transmission by up to 15 dB. The product was tested as part of the FLANKSOUND PROJEKT according to ISO 10848 by the University of Bologna and consequently certified.

The profile thickness of only 6 mm allows sound insulation, but also static safety under pressure (up to 6 N/mm2). The polyurethane monolithic structure also guarantees very long functional stability and water resistance with absorption values after 48h of less than 1%.

To access our new catalogue please click here.

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