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Modulous to unveil its TESSA software with Live Webinar.

Modulous, the construction technology firm committed to developing a scalable and sustainable solution to the global housing crisis, is marking the public release of its feasibility tool TESSA with a live webinar on 18 October.

As the only generative design tool that bases solutions on a physical reality, TESSA is a gamechanger for developers, architects and local authorities looking to transform the speed and accuracy of the feasibility process.

CEO Chris Bone said ‘From the moment the team input the first line of code in June 2021, we’ve been working towards creating the tool we have today. TESSA has the power to unlock sites for sustainable residential development on an unprecedented scale and we are truly excited to see its impact.’

Join Modulous’ Global Head of Technology Coraline Faurie to see how TESSA generates viable designs in real time, providing certainty on what can be built, and how much it will cost, on any given site.

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