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Members KOPE, shortlisted for top Construction Technology Partner

Our members KOPE have some exciting news as they are shortlisted for the top ‘Construction Technology Partner’ with Build In Digital awards.

"There is no doubt we are witnessing a digital transformation of the way construction companies operate and how projects are delivered. But who are the key players in the supply-chain enabling this transformation, delivering the most innovative products and services to their construction and property clients?

Build in Digital has launched the Top 25 Tech Partners to reveal to the industry who the top performing contech firms are. Those firms that have become an integral part of their clients’ supply-chain, helping them operate on time, on budget and with a minimal carbon footprint.

The ranking of the top 25 will be decided through a combination of a judges panel and a secure online voting system, in order to accurately assess our 3 core criteria areas of innovation, adoption and customer satisfaction."

KOPE is the first purpose-built software platform for offsite, taking you from early-stage design through to manufacture and assembly, where users can rapidly develop and analyse multiple offsite strategies. KOPE accelerates the shift away from traditional construction to 'productization' by enabling the design, specification and procurement of offsite products and systems. It empowers those creating the built environment to develop a more sustainable and repeatable construction industry.

Supporting our members and the change they drive is really important to us, so we'd like to ask for your support by placing your vote using this form

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