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ISO Chemie, host an online event

to showcase how the correct sealing methods are the backbone of getting modular right...

Our CPD highlights which areas of construction are weak points for air tightness, thermal loss and acoustic ingress. Solutions to these areas were explored as well as correct vapour control and innovative solutions to the offsite manufacturing process.

Learn more about how European systems have the solutions for sealing windows doors, walls etc to meet the new requirements of UK Building regulations, save energy and make our built environment inspiring, engaging and healthier to be in.

Iso-chemie covered various aspects of the joint sealing requirements, including, vapour control, air tightness and special issues for differential movement in timber frame.

Andy Swift, Sales and Operations Manager for Iso Chemie says;

"Air-tightness, vapour control and correct sealing methods are the backbone of getting our modular housing right to ensure the new occupiers have a well built and energy efficient property.
Our 35 minute CPD shows the problem areas of construction inefficiency and solutions to overcome these issues."

If you missed the event, don't worry, we've had it recorded and we also have the slide deck so you have some helpful resources to take away with you. Please give us a shout out if you find it useful. We love to engage on LinkedIn

If you would like a copy of the presentation we've got that too... Just press the download button below 👍

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