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How can we collectively drive progress towards our shared vision for the future?

On Monday (27 November), I had the pleasure of being invited to the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) in London, for the Transforming Infrastructure Performance (TIP) Live conference. TIP is the flagship change programme driving a step change in infrastructure performance, driving productivity, reducing costs, and improving the sustainability of all infrastructure projects including our hospitals, schools, prisons and roads.

We have talked and talked about the change needed but it was truly inspirational to hear of the step change across the government clients and to hear of the action they are taking to reduce carbon, implement digital technologies, track data and put true value at heart of the process to constructing our built environment.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the value workshop organised by the wonderful Kay Tor from the IPA This was an exclusive workshop that brought together key leaders from across the sector, to explore the opportunities to drive true value to the core of the decision making process and discuss the practical opportunities to encourage a behavioural and cultural shift.

After setting my wouldn’t it be amazing statement, which in a room full of leaders were all very big and bold, we went on to discuss the shift that needs to happen to really make a difference.

"Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had a transparent and collaborative construction sector, where sustainable and environmental practices are the norm.

People and communities are at the heart of the decision making process, enhancing quality of life, fostering inclusivity and creating opportunities for all."

Ending with an individual commitment from all of us to keep the momentum to drive to a better future for all.

It was an inspirational day full of collaborative, innovative and progressive thoughts and insights from senior leaders across government and industry - all aiming to galvanise the construction industry to accelerate change and take action to make a real difference.

My quote of the day

I want to hear from you, what will you commit to?

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Great to see the OA’s influence stretching into other sectors than just housing too!

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