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Glidevale Protect - 15 Year Product Warranty for all solar roofing needs


PRESS RELEASE - Wednesday 10th January, 2024


Glidevale Protect covers all solar roofing needs with 15 year product warranty.


UK building materials producer Glidevale Protect has unveiled a new 15 year product warranty on its pitched roofing underlays and ventilation products when used as a complete system where integrated in-roof photovoltaic (PV) panels are installed, offering quality assurance across its range.


The 15 year roofing product warranty extends to Glidevale Protect’s full range of vapour permeable and impermeable pitched roof underlays plus its high and low level ventilation products. Under the warranty, Glidevale Protect will replace any products that are verified to be defective on a like for like or nearest equivalent basis for up to a period of 15 years, offering added reassurance to the industry.


Matt Neary from Glidevale Protect commented: “Roof designs can be complex, for example with the increasing popularity of integrated in-roof solar PV panels. It’s imperative that the correct underlay and ventilation strategy is implemented, to minimise the risk of harmful condensation forming and therefore the potential of rotting roof timbers. Our technical team is able to offer guidance on a full roof ventilation strategy to suit the specific parameters of each project, drawing on our range of high quality products, which are made here in the UK. Our new 15 year product warranty provides developers, housebuilders, social housing providers and contractors with the assurance that our roofing materials are manufactured to the highest quality and are designed to last the lifetime of the roof, provided they are correctly installed in accordance with our fixing instructions.”


Glidevale Protect’s complete range of roofing underlays covered under the 15 year warranty includes their latest product, Protect A1 Solar, a heavy duty type HR impermeable roofing underlay designed to reduce condensation forming on the underside of integrated in-roof solar PV panels. The 145gsm membrane offers unrestricted use in wind uplift zones 1-5 at the maximum batten gauge of 345mm to BS 5534, making it suitable for use throughout the UK and Ireland. Due to its impermeable design and high resistance to water vapour transfer, Protect A1 Solar eliminates the need for a ventilated counter batten space above the membrane, saving labour time and material cost.


As well as Protect A1 Solar, Glidevale Protect’s roofing product warranty also extends to its other vapour impermeable (type HR) roofing underlays and its vapour permeable (type LR) roofing underlays, the latter category which includes its air & vapour permeable roofing underlay. The manufacturer’s high level ventilation products, Protect Fulmetal RediRoll and Protect Fulmetal UniRoll dry fix ridge and hip systems, plus its low level ventilation solutions, including SV soffit vents, OFV over fascia vents and RV rafter vents, are also covered by the warranty along with its full range of high and low level tile and slate vents. In order to qualify for the product warranty, the roofing underlay must be used together with appropriate high and low level ventilation products as part of a system package.


The warranty covers a period of 15 years and is effective from the date the products are purchased and then installed via a contractor, merchant or direct from a developer. All products must be fitted in accordance with Glidevale Protect’s specified installation instructions. Other terms and conditions apply, for more information, visit


More information about the company’s range of roofing and ventilation products can be found at Follow Glidevale Protect on LinkedIn.

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Thanks for sharing news of our new warranty, much appreciated!

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