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M-AR’s mission: to boldly grow through innovation and collaboration

OA Member, Offsite specialist contractor M-AR has refreshed its company values and guiding principles to set out its mission and priorities for the future as it continues to undergo a period of unprecedented growth.

The company, which recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, took time to re-evaluate its key drivers to ensure it is able to grow sustainably and without losing sight of what makes M-AR, M-AR. Following a consultation process with all its staff, M-AR has set out five shared values of courage, authenticity, collaboration, teamwork and communication along with three guiding principles which together will underpin how the company operates. Its long-held aim to be a people-centric business remains a key part of M-AR’s corporate make-up.

Together these values and principles form M-AR’s mission statement which is: “Being brave enough to drive change through fresh thinking and collaboration in everything we do. Delivering exceptional projects, breaking down the barriers and inspiring a new generation of construction professionals.” This mission will steer M-AR as it continues to build for the future - creating spaces which will benefit every community and that future generations will want to call home. M-AR sees itself as forward-looking and aims to be a catalyst for innovation and change in the wider industry.

Ryan Geldard, director at M-AR said,

“Our team are the foundations on which our business is built so it was crucial for us to involve all our staff in the process of setting out our values and mission for 2023 and beyond. Our behaviours, beliefs and goals both as individuals and as a collective will help us create a robust, innovative company which will deliver exceptional projects we can all be proud of.
Our mission is clear and concise and every member of the team knows the part they play in helping us achieve this mission for the future and ultimately where we’d like to be as a business in the next five years and I know I speak for everyone when I say I’m excited to see what that future looks like for M-AR.”

For more information call 01482 635 081, email or visit

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