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Develop Consulting and Offsite Alliance Host Lean Thinking Event at BMW MINI

Develop Consulting, in collaboration with the Offsite Alliance, has hosted a successful event at BMW MINI to showcase how lean manufacturing principles can be applied in the offsite construction sector.

The well-attended event highlighted the potential for lean methodologies to transform operations and boost efficiency in offsite manufacturing.

As the construction industry continues to evolve, firms across the UK are seeking innovative ways to improve productivity and streamline processes. Develop Consulting, known for its expertise in lean principles, has been in high demand across various sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, and now increasingly, offsite construction.

The event, held last month (June 2024) at the BMW MINI plant in Oxford, brought together key players from the offsite construction sector.

Participants were treated to a world-class tour of the BMW MINI factory, where they witnessed first-hand how lean thinking drives process transformation and enhances operational performance in a manufacturing setting.

Steve Clark, Manufacturing and Construction Director at Develop Consulting, said: "We are thrilled with the success of this event and grateful to all who attended. It provided a unique opportunity for professionals in the offsite sector to see lean thinking in action and explore how these principles can be adapted to their own operations. The level of engagement and the insights shared demonstrate the industry's commitment to innovation and continuous improvement."

The event offered participants several key benefits:

●      Gaining insights into Lean Thinking from industry experts

●      Discovering how Lean Thinking is transforming offsite companies

●      Networking with peers from the Offsite Alliance, manufacturers, and supply chain partners

●      Experiencing a comprehensive tour of the BMW MINI factory and immersing themselves in Lean Thinking culture

Develop Consulting's expertise spans various aspects of the offsite construction industry, from optimising manufacturing processes to enhancing supply chain efficiency and improving project delivery.

Mr Clark added: "The overwhelmingly positive response to this event has encouraged us to consider a series of similar gatherings in the coming year. We invite offsite construction companies to contact us for more information on future dates and how they can get involved."

Gaynor Tennant from the Offsite Alliance said: "We are delighted to have partnered with Develop Consulting for this fantastic event. Although the automotive industry is light years ahead, it's crucial for our members to explore new methodologies that can enhance efficiency and quality in offsite manufacturing. The insights gained from this visit to BMW MINI will undoubtedly inspire new approaches within our industry."

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Jul 02

What an excellent day. Massive thank you Develop Consulting

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