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As the construction sector at-large begins to feel the impact of tougher regulations for fire, material shortages and higher insurance premiums, the focus of this work group will be to promote best practice, develop common technical details and increase confidence in offsite construction


  • BSB- ramifications for offsite housing manufacturers, developing A1 non-combustible solutions

  • Future Homes Standard - modelling new house types

  • SAP10 - ramifications for designers, modelled psi values, renewables 

  • Under drawing of insulation on ground floors, fixing details

  • Detailing of gas membranes in ground floors

  • Updating BBA certificates to include steel frame offsite solutions

  • BS ISO standards for Offsite consultation


Fire Data Matrix – Led by Ryan Geldard, M-AR

Collect and review fire test data and evidence from across the industry and collate the data into a set of information that allows component interoperability in as much as is possible

Sustainability – Led by Nadine Edur, Hawkins Brown

Produce documentation, drawings and guidance regarding best practice in terms of detailing gas membranes

Gas Membranes – Led by Justine Gray, Galaxy Insulation

Develop documentation and generic drawings/images that describe best practice in design, manufacture and erection of MMC homes

Industry standard review board – Led by TBC

View any forthcoming regulations, ensure industry are aware of implications


Workstreams are where change happens!

Each workstream starts with a barrier to change and a group of people who are up against it. We outline the groups objectives and invite our members to join. We collectively agree on the terms of reference and outline if there are any additions.

With a wide range of sub-groups, there’s no better time to share your expertise to help change the state of the industry

When becoming a member you can apply to be part of a range of workstreams and sub-groups so that you can effectively deliver maximum value to your group.

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