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A workstream designed to tackle the competency & skills needs for the MMC sector chaired by Mark Southgate – MOBIE


  • Define the competency & skills needs for the MMC sector – including design for manufacture and assembly, by different job types; current and future needs

  • Acting as a bridge between the industry and training providers...

  • Map the current provision of relevant skills and training materials, potentially provide signposting service for members and wider industry.

  • Propose means of plugging gaps.

  • Identify any other skills and training issues for industry.

  • Consider how to promote the sector (as a career option) with young people.

  • Digital enablement


Competencies – Led by Debbie Carlton, Dynamic Knowledge

Mapping out and digitally modelling competencies for manufactured construction and digital skills

Apprenticeships & T-Levels – Led by Kirsti Wells, BSI

Mapping courses and content

Training provider network – Led by David Wilkins, Bedford College

Network of over 70 further education colleges and training providers. Sharing knowledge and learning how to deliver future skills

Industry Teaching group – Led by Gaynor Tennant, Offsite Alliance

Working alongside the training provider network to deliver CPD’s, presentations and workshops of future skills

Primary & Secondary – Led by Ele George, Offsite Alliance

Writing a new primary educational book. “4 Little Pigs” accompanied by short film and teaching resources


Workstreams are where change happens!

Each workstream starts with a barrier to change and a group of people who are up against it. We outline the groups objectives and invite our members to join. We collectively agree on the terms of reference and outline if there are any additions.

With a wide range of sub-groups, there’s no better time to share your expertise to help change the state of the industry

When becoming a member you can apply to be part of a range of workstreams and sub-groups so that you can effectively deliver maximum value to your group.

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