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A workstream designed to tackle the Design and Integration by discovering new ways of working collaboratively from architects to manufacturers, addressing quality in it’s widest sense and how to promote decarbonisation of developments


  • Bring architects and manufacturers together to help each group to understand the issues facing the other:

    • architects to understand the constraints of the manufacturing process and when the design needs to be fixed; and

    • manufacturers to understand the issues architects face in the concept design stage and the planning application process.

  • Encourage designers, PM’s and QS’s to be engaged with offsite, for which they need to know:

    • What the 7 MMC categories are

    • What buildings/ sectors each is suitable for

    • What stage in the design process they need to be selecting offsite solutions.

    • How to select suitable MMC options

    • Some understanding of the market conditions/ who to speak to

  • Address design quality in its widest sense

  • Focus on standardisation of products/ assemblies and sub-assemblies from an architectural level

  • Promote carbon neutral development

  • Include the platform approach (P-DfMA)


Standardisation – Led by Charlotte Garrett

To create a document for a guide to design volumetric offsite

Sustainability – Led by Nadine Edur, Hawkins Brown

To break down the future regulations into easily digestible short PDF and signpost to our OA members who can offer help in meeting the regulations

Raising awareness – Led by TBC

A series of webinars, lunch and learn sessions building on the DfMA overlay and DfMA toolkit

Offsite Glossary – Led by Nigel Ostime, and Gaynor Tennant, Offsite Alliance

Collate and compile an up to date glossary for offsite


Workstreams are where change happens!

Each workstream starts with a barrier to change and a group of people who are up against it. We outline the groups objectives and invite our members to join. We collectively agree on the terms of reference and outline if there are any additions.

With a wide range of sub-groups, there’s no better time to share your expertise to help change the state of the industry

When becoming a member you can apply to be part of a range of workstreams and sub-groups so that you can effectively deliver maximum value to your group.

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