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New Algeco CPD sets out How to Design for Offsite Construction

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

There’s a growing consensus that Offsite Construction has a significant role in the future of the construction industry. With that in mind, Algeco, Europe’s leading modular solutions brand, has launched a new certified Continuous Professional Development (CPD) course, aimed at helping building designers better prepare for working with offsite systems.

‘Form Follows Function - How to Design for Offsite Construction’ is the title of the new CPD presentation, which is certified by the CPD Certification Service.

The presentation is designed to support industry professionals on what offsite construction can do to help them meet their building performance targets, while still utilising Modern Methods to build safe, efficient and striking structures.

The CPD format uses a Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DfMA) overlay to the conventional Plan of Work to highlight the differences between Offsite and Traditional Construction and the benefits that they create. Early engagement, collaborative working, clear accountability and strong project management are consistent themes of the Offsite approach.

Case studies from leading architects illustrate where Offsite Construction has been used successfully and a Q&A section tackles the questions commonly asked such as fire safety and planning – all selected to share knowledge.

In addition, the CPD covers the features and sustainability benefits of offsite construction, before finishing with practical guidance on design considerations and how building performance can be optimised further.

By the end of the presentation, specifiers will have a greater understanding of the 7 types of modular construction. They will also gain a technical and practical understanding of the benefits of offsite and modular construction as a whole and feel confident about specifying largescale projects using this technique.

Sustainability is embedded in the Algeco approach and is fundamental to everything the company does. This vision is based on the principle that the brand must do social and environmental good.

Chris Coxon at Algeco said: “Our new CPD is developed specifically for architects and specifiers looking to help their clients access the benefits of modular and offsite construction – Economic, Environmental, Social and Governance. It offers a better understanding of the benefits of specifying offsite to meet with the most up to date building performance requirements.”

Chris added: “At Algeco, we’re keen to help industry colleagues learn more about Offsite solutions - and explode the odd myth along the way. Our CPD will ensure confidence when specifying offsite construction!”

‘Form Follows Function – How to Design for Offsite Construction’ is available as a webinar or face to face seminar. The CPD online learning module can be previewed and visitors can register interest on the CPD Certification Service website:

Alternatively, you can request a presentation directly from the Algeco website:

Algeco UK Limited and Algeco Offsite Solutions are part of the Modulaire Group, a leader in European modular services and infrastructure. Algeco Offsite Solutions’ bespoke, permanent offsite building solutions are widely specified across a variety of sectors, including education, health, living accommodation and roadside retail, amongst others. Algeco is an approved supplier to most major procurement frameworks.

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