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Formed in 2019 the Offsite Alliance has brought together a wide collaboration of makers and shakers who have a vast depth of experience all working within the Offsite sector. Through collaboration and action we will deliver the transformation the Construction industry needs. Driving innovation and change.

Focused on offsite residential we help to create the beautifully designed sustainable homes and communities that are truly for all.

What we do

The Offsite Alliance works alongside leading organisations, industry bodies, government, local authorities, housing associations and most importantly its members to increase the uptake and delivery of Offsite technologies across the residential sector.

Together we promote best practice, share innovation, and work together to create the high quality, sustainable homes of the future. Collaboratively we create the new skills needed to fuel a revolution in housing, inspiring generations to join the new and exciting world of manufactured construction.

The key to progress

The views of our members gives us our voice when speaking to government, the construction sector, planners, mortgage providers, property lenders, developers, and architects.

We welcome all who are driven to collaborate to challenge the norm, do things differently and strive for better.

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“ The Offsite Alliance is the voice of the sector, direct from the manufacturers and suppliers themselves. ”

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Just some of our members and supporting organisations include:

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Our story

Founded by Gaynor Tennant from Modularize and Nick Fulford from nHouse in 2019, the Offsite Alliance was borne out of pure frustration that the construction sector remains slow to respond and tackle the acute chronic housing shortfall coupled with the lack of support and understanding of manufactured construction. We were fed up of talk after talk and no action.

Our passion lies in delivering the critical need for affordable, sustainable homes of the future.

Offsite Alliance

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